Sabbath Reconnection

Sabbath Reconnection | Navigating Life’s Storms

Welcome to another Sabbath Reconnection, a sacred time when we come together to seek spiritual nourishment and renewal. In today’s message, we delve into the timeless wisdom of Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37, with a focus on “Navigating Life’s Storms.” To add an extra dimension to our reconnection, we’ll also explore the soothing essential oil blend, “I Am Blessed,” from the I Am Affirmation Collection.

Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37: Finding Blessings in the Wilderness

The Book of Psalms is a treasure trove of poetic and spiritual wisdom, and Psalm 107 is a shining example. This psalm invites us to reflect on the storms that life can bring our way. It tells the tale of those who found themselves in the wilderness, hungry, thirsty, and at the mercy of life’s tempestuous seas. Yet, they cried out to the Lord, and He delivered them from their distress. It’s a powerful reminder that even in the midst of life’s storms, there’s hope, and God’s guidance can lead us to places of peace and abundance.

Aromatherapy: Enhancing the Spiritual Experience

To enrich our Sabbath Reconnection experience, we’re incorporating aromatherapy, a practice that’s been used for centuries to deepen spiritual connections and enhance meditation. Our chosen essential oil blend is “I Am Blessed,” a harmonious fusion of Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Mandarin and Petitgrain.

“I Am Blessed” Affirmation Blend – I Am Affirmation Collection
Ingredients: Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Mandarin and Petitgrain.
Spiritual Property: This blend combines the spiritually uplifting properties of frankincense, the calming nature of lavender, and the grounding essence of myrrh. It is a powerful tool for cultivating gratitude and recognizing the abundance that surrounds you.

Navigating Life’s Storms with Aromatherapy

As we reflect on Psalm 107, here are ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice:

  • Frankincense – Deepening Your Connection:
    • Spiritual Property: Frankincense is a classic choice for deepening your spiritual connection. It can help you embrace the storms of life with resilience and faith. Diffuse it as you meditate on the psalm.
  • Lavender – Finding Peace Amid Turbulence:
    • Spiritual Property: Lavender’s calming scent can provide comfort during life’s storms. It encourages serenity and helps you embrace the message of finding peace in distress.
  • Geranium – Emotional Balance:
    • Spiritual Property: Geranium helps balance your emotions, making it a valuable addition to our blend. It enables you to navigate the emotional storms of life with grace and equilibrium.
  • Mandarin – Inner Joy Awakening:
    • Spiritual Property: Mandarin’s sweet and uplifting aroma awakens inner joy and positivity. It can help you find joy in the midst of life’s challenges and keep your spirits high.
  • Petitgrain – Clarity and Inner Peace:
    • Spiritual Property: Petitgrain promotes mental clarity and inner peace. It helps you find calm and understanding during life’s storms.

Reflection and Meditation:

1. Begin by diffusing “I Am Blessed” Affirmation Blend to create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere for your spiritual reflection.

2. Read Psalm 107:1-7, 33-37 slowly and thoughtfully. Meditate on the storms in your life and the guidance you’ve received. How has the Divine led you to places of peace and abundance?

3. As you reflect, anoint your pulse points with the “I Am Blessed” blend. With each application, acknowledge your blessings and express gratitude for the guidance you’ve received.

4. Take a moment for silent meditation. Close your eyes and allow the soothing scents of the essential oils to enhance your connection with the psalm’s message.

5. Conclude your reflection by giving thanks for the ability to navigate life’s storms with resilience, faith, and the guidance of the Divine.

As we come to the close of another Sabbath Reconnection, let Psalm 107’s timeless wisdom be a source of strength. The storms of life may come and go, but with faith and gratitude, we can find our way to places of peace and abundance. Aromatherapy, with its spiritually enhancing properties, can be a valuable companion on this journey. Embrace life’s storms, for they are a part of your story, and remember that you are indeed blessed.

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