Sabbath Reconnection

Unveiling the Priceless Gift of Wisdom: A Sabbath Reconnection

Welcome to another meaningful Sabbath Reconnection message – a journey into the profound depths of wisdom and understanding. Today, our exploration is inspired by the timeless verses of **Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16, 20**. As we embark on this spiritual journey, we’ll also be accompanied by the aromatic symphony of the “I Am Blessed” essential oil blend from the empowering “I Am Affirmation Collection.”

Wisdom Unveiled: A Radiant Treasure

In the sacred verses of Wisdom of Solomon, we encounter the idea that wisdom is not a passive concept but a radiant, active force eagerly seeking those who earnestly desire its light. Let’s unravel the layers of this ancient wisdom and discover the treasure within.

Verse-by-Verse Exploration

  • Verse 12: The radiant and unfading nature of wisdom.
  • Verse 13: Wisdom actively making itself known to those who desire her.
  • Verse 14: The accessibility of wisdom to those who seek without wearying.
  • Verse 15:The discernibility of wisdom to those who watch for her.
  • Verse 16-20: Wisdom as the richest of treasures, surpassing all else.

Enriching the Journey with “I Am Blessed” Affirmation Essential Oil Blend

To enhance our spiritual experience, let’s embrace the comforting and uplifting aroma of the “I Am Blessed” essential oil blend. Crafted from a harmonious blend of essential oils, each contributing its unique spiritual properties, this blend becomes a companion on our quest for wisdom.

1. Frankincense: Known for spiritual insight and deep understanding.
2. Lavender: Invokes a sense of peace and calm, fostering receptivity to wisdom.
3. Mandarin: Uplifts the spirit and promotes clarity of thought.
4. Geranium: Balances emotions and opens the heart to divine guidance.
5. Petitgrain: Enhances mental clarity and connection with higher wisdom.

How to Incorporate “I Am Blessed” into Your Sabbath Reconnection:

1. Diffusion: Begin your Sabbath Reconnection by diffusing the “I Am Blessed” blend. Inhale deeply, allowing the aroma to set the tone for a contemplative and spiritually enriching experience.

2. Anointing: Create a sacred space by anointing yourself with a diluted blend. As you apply the oil, set an intention to open your heart and mind to the wisdom that awaits.

3. Meditation: Incorporate the blend into your meditation practice. Let the aromatic symphony guide you into a state of deep reflection and connection with divine wisdom.


Reflection Question and Journal Prompt:

Reflection Question: How does the concept of actively seeking wisdom resonate with your spiritual journey?

Journal Prompt: Reflect on a time when actively seeking wisdom made a significant difference in your life. What were the results, and what did you learn from the experience?


Application in Everyday Life:

Carry the essence of wisdom into your daily life by actively seeking it in your decisions, interactions, and reflections. Prioritize moments of stillness and receptivity to allow wisdom to guide your path.

As we conclude this Sabbath Reconnection, let the radiant treasure of wisdom illuminate your journey, and may the “I Am Blessed” blend be a constant companion on your quest for deeper understanding.

In the spirit of shared wisdom, share this post with those who may find solace and insight on their own spiritual journeys.

Blessings on your path of discovery and enlightenment! 🌟🌿🕊️

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