Sabbath Reconnection

Unveiling the Transformative Power of God’s Grace

Welcome, beloved, to another Sabbath Reconnection journey. Today, we immerse ourselves in the rich words of the Apostle Paul found in 1 Corinthians 1:3-9. This sacred text is a profound exploration of the transformative power of God’s grace, a force that enriches our lives and sustains us in every season.

Personal Bible Study: Exploring 1 Corinthians 1:3-9

As we embark on this soul-nourishing exploration, take a moment to open your Bible and read 1 Corinthians 1:3-9. Let the words sink into your heart, reflecting on the abundance of God’s grace, the enrichment found in Christ, and the anticipation of His glorious return. Here are some key aspects to ponder:

  • verse 3 – Grace and Peace: Paul begins with a customary greeting but infuses it with profound meaning. Grace represents God’s unmerited favor, and peace is the result of being in a reconciled relationship with God. Reflect on what these concepts mean in your life. How has God’s grace brought you peace?
  • verse 4 – Attitude of Gratitude: Paul expresses gratitude for the Corinthian believers. Consider your own life. In what ways can you cultivate a spirit of thanksgiving for the grace you’ve received in Christ Jesus? How does gratitude impact your perspective on life?
  • verse 5 – Enriched in Christ: Paul acknowledges the believers’ enrichment in Christ, specifically in speech and knowledge. How has your relationship with Christ enriched your communication and understanding? Consider the transformative power of Christ’s influence on your life.
  • verse 6 – Confirmation of Christ’s Testimony: Reflect on how the testimony about Christ has been confirmed in your life. How has your faith been strengthened through personal experiences or witnessing God’s work? Consider moments when Christ’s reality became undeniable to you.
  • verse 7 – Not Lacking in Gifts: Paul assures the Corinthians that they lack no spiritual gift. Reflect on the gifts God has given you. How can you use your unique gifts to serve others and build up the body of Christ? How does the anticipation of Christ’s return influence the way you use your gifts?
  • verse 8 – God’s Sustaining Grace: Consider the promise of God’s sustaining grace. How does the assurance of being found guiltless on the day of the Lord impact your daily walk with Christ? Reflect on moments when you’ve felt God’s sustaining power in challenging times.
  • verse 9 – God’s Faithfulness and Calling: Reflect on God’s faithfulness and the calling into fellowship with His Son. How has God been faithful in your life? In what ways do you experience fellowship with Jesus Christ daily?

Reflection Question with Journal Prompt:

Reflection Question: In what areas of your life do you most keenly feel the need for God’s transformative grace right now?

Journal Prompt: Take a moment to journal your reflections on the above question. Pour out your thoughts, emotions, and aspirations onto the pages of your journal. Consider how God’s grace can bring transformation to those specific areas.

Aromatherapy Support: I Am Peace Blend

To enhance your Sabbath Reconnection experience, let’s introduce the “I Am Peace” essential oil blend from the I Am Affirmation Collection. This blend, featuring Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium, Grapefruit, and Mandarin, is carefully crafted to bring peace and tranquility to your spiritual practice.

Ways to Use During Spiritual Practice:

1. Meditation: Begin your meditation session by diffusing I Am Peace. Inhale deeply, allowing the calming aroma to center your mind. As you focus on your breath, let go of tension and open your heart to God’s transformative grace.

2. Prayer: Apply a drop of I Am Peace to your wrists or temples before entering into prayer. Let the fragrance serve as a reminder of God’s presence and the peace that surpasses understanding.

3. Reflective Reading: If you engage in reflective reading or journaling, diffuse I Am Peace in your space. Allow the aroma to create a serene atmosphere, fostering a sense of peace and receptivity to God’s transformative work.

4. Bath Ritual: Incorporate I Am Peace into your Sabbath bath ritual. Add a few drops to the water and immerse yourself in the calming scents. Use this time for reflection and surrender to the grace that transforms.


May you carry the transformative power of God’s grace with you. Embrace the enrichment found in Christ, eagerly await His return with hope, and trust in the faithfulness of the One who sustains you.

May the “I Am Peace” essential oil blend be a companion in your spiritual practices, ushering in a sense of peace and tranquility as you navigate life’s journey.

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