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[Journal Prompt] The Shepherd’s Unbreakable Connection – Reflecting on John 10:22-30

The passage in John 10:22-30 reveals a profound message about our relationship with Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Take some time to reflect on the themes of connection, faith, and security found in this passage.

1. Personal Connection: Think about the idea of being one of Jesus’ sheep. How does it feel to be personally known and cared for by the Good Shepherd? Reflect on your own experiences of feeling connected to Jesus in your faith journey.

2. Hearing His Voice: Consider the concept of hearing Jesus’ voice. In what ways do you listen for His guidance and presence in your life? Are there practices or moments when you have felt a deep connection with His voice? Describe them.

3. Eternal Security: Reflect on the promise of eternal security in this passage. How does the assurance of never perishing and being held in Jesus’ hand impact your faith? Does it bring comfort, peace, or a sense of purpose?

4. Comparison with the Father: Jesus speaks of His unity with the Father in this passage. How does this unity influence your understanding of Jesus’ divinity and your relationship with God? How does it inspire you in your faith journey?

5. Resistance and Belief: Consider the response of the religious leaders who questioned Jesus’ identity. Have you ever questioned or doubted your faith? How did you overcome such moments, and what strengthened your belief in Jesus as the Good Shepherd?

6. Application to Your Life: How can you deepen your connection with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, in your daily life? Are there practices or changes you can implement to strengthen your faith and sense of security in Him?

7. Sharing Your Faith: Reflect on how you can share the message of John 10:22-30 with others. Are there individuals in your life who might benefit from hearing about the unbreakable bond between Jesus and His sheep? How can you convey this message effectively?

This journal prompt invites you to explore the rich themes of connection, faith, and security found in John 10:22-30 and apply them to your own spiritual journey. Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of your relationship with Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and how it shapes your faith and daily life.

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