Biblical Storytelling

Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you rise. ~ Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Biblical storytelling is a compelling and immersive method of communicating the profound narratives, teachings, and wisdom contained within the pages of the Bible. Far more than a simple recitation of verses, it is a dynamic approach that aims to resonate with audiences on emotional, cultural, and spiritual levels. By retelling these ancient stories with creativity and insight, biblical storytelling seeks to bridge the gap between the distant past and the present, offering a means of understanding and applying the timeless messages found in the Bible to contemporary life.

At its core, biblical storytelling acknowledges the power of narrative with the key goal of making the stories accessible and relatable. The events and characters in the Bible may be ancient, but the themes they address – love, sacrifice, faith, forgiveness, and more – are universal and enduring. Clésha weaves cultural context, emotions, and personal insights into her renditions, allowing modern audiences to connect with the material on a personal level. This approach humanizes the characters and situations, making the moral and spiritual lessons they embody more tangible and relevant.

Within the realm of worship and religious ceremonies, biblical storytelling adds a layer of experiential depth. Hearing the stories of faith and devotion brought to life can evoke a sense of awe, reverence, and introspection. It helps congregants connect emotionally with the core tenets of their faith and consider how these teachings apply to their own lives. By presenting the narratives in a compelling manner, biblical storytelling contributes to the communal understanding and interpretation of religious principles.

Simply put, biblical storytelling is a transformative approach to sharing the profound teachings of the Bible. By using narrative techniques, cultural insights, and personal perspectives, it bridges the gap between ancient texts and contemporary understanding. It engages listeners emotionally, encourages exploration and reflection, and fosters a deeper connection to the spiritual and moral messages embedded in the Bible.


Invitations to Preach, Teach and Tell God’s Story

  • Mother African AME Zion Church – Spa for the Soul storytelling concert (guest teller), Wilmington, DE
  • St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Lenten Season Bible Study, Philadelphia, PA
  • I’m a Good Thing Women’s Conference, Tampa, FL
  • Ordination of Pastor Shani Akilah Johnson, Camden, NJ
  • Grace Baptist Church Women’s Retreat (Philadelphia), Plymouth Meeting, PA
  • Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C., Philadelphia, PA
  • From the Throne Ministries, Philadelphia, PA
  • When God Heals a Woman Conference, Philadelphia, PA
  • Spirit Led Ministries – 5 Year Ministry Celebration, Philadelphia, PA
  • St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – Women’s Day Breakfast, Philadelphia, PA
  • First Housewives Storytelling Concert – The Resurrection Center, Wilmington, DE
  • Silverside Church, Wilmington, DE
  • Network of Biblical Storytellers Gathering – Epic Telling, North Carolina
  • New Beginnings C.O.G.I.C. – Celebration for First Lady June Connor, Philadelphia, PA
  • Bridgetown Fellowship, Coatesville, PA
  • First Housewives Storytelling Concert, Philadelphia, PA
  • Palmer Theological Seminary – Guest Teller, King of Prussia, PA

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