Spiritual Care

Caring for Your Spirit with Essential Oils

Caring for your spirit with essential oils can be a soothing and grounding practice. Essential oils are derived from plant materials and are often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, emotional well-being, and a sense of balance. Here are some ways you can use essential oils to care for your spirit:

  1. Choose the Right Essential Oils: Different essential oils have varying aromatic profiles and therapeutic properties. Some essential oils that are commonly used for emotional support and spiritual well-being include lavender, frankincense, bergamot, rose, sandalwood, and chamomile. Research and select oils that resonate with your intentions.
  2. Diffusion: Using an essential oil diffuser is a popular way to fill your space with the aroma of essential oils. Add a few drops of your chosen oil to a diffuser along with water, and let the gentle mist spread throughout the room. This can create a calming atmosphere and uplift your mood.
  3. Inhalation: You can inhale essential oils directly from the bottle or by placing a drop on a tissue, cotton ball, or handkerchief. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth, take a few deep breaths, and inhale the aroma. This can help you feel more centered and present.
  4. Aromatic Baths: Adding a few drops of essential oil to your bathwater can create a luxurious and relaxing experience. Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil or jojoba oil) before adding it to the bathwater to help disperse the oil.
  5. Aromatic Massage: Mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil to create a massage blend. Gently massage the blend onto your skin, focusing on areas like the neck, shoulders, and wrists. This can help you relax and connect with your body.
  6. Anointing: Use essential oils to anoint yourself or objects with spiritual significance. Apply a drop of oil to your wrists, temples, or the soles of your feet while setting a positive intention or saying a brief affirmation.
  7. Meditation: Incorporate essential oils into your meditation practice by diffusing them in your meditation space or applying them to your pulse points before starting your meditation session. The aroma can enhance your focus and relaxation.
  8. Journaling: Sit down with a journal and a bottle of essential oil. Inhale the aroma and allow it to help you feel centered and connected. Write about your thoughts, feelings, and intentions, letting the aroma support your reflective process.
  9. Self-Care Rituals: Incorporate essential oils into your self-care routines, such as yoga, stretching, or deep breathing exercises. The aroma can enhance your sense of calm and mindfulness.
  10. Intention Setting: As you use essential oils, set a specific intention or affirmation related to your spiritual well-being. Repeating this intention while engaging with the oils can help deepen the connection between the aroma and your inner self.

Remember that essential oils are concentrated and potent, so it’s important to use them mindfully and dilute them properly when necessary. If you have any allergies, sensitivities, or medical conditions, consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils.

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To assist with your spiritual care journey, use this quick reference guide when selecting essential oils.

Benefits of using essential oils to care for your spirit.

  • Connect to self
  • Reduce anxiety
  • reassuring belief in a greater force or being
  • sense of purpose and meaning
  • focus on your own or universal wisdom
  • way to understand suffering
  • connection with others
  • a reminder of the good in the world


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